Xun Wang



Bronze, Iron Base

L38 x D18 x H30 cm (with base)

Coopetition 2017 is a continuation of competition. It is a sculpture creation that combines animation and three-dimensionality. It is Xun Wang's unique technique - "Space in Time", which sculpts time and space into shape. Competitive and cooperative works describe two aspects that are pursued on the road of life - competition and cooperation. Whether to choose cooperation in the conditions of survival or competition, or both, no matter which choice is made, it is the most suitable choice to make in the face of environmental challenges. In the face of challenging Coopetition (competition and cooperation) memories, the author chooses to suspend time and use memory to connect time and space, so that the memory is full of three-dimensionality and retains a memory that is full of adaptability that is most critical to life.