Xun Wang


Final Shot

Bronze, Iron Base

L40 x D26 x H60 cm (with base).

"Final Shot" 2021 is another achievement of "Space in Time", which also demonstrates the spirit of parallax sculpture, deeply connecting the beauty of human body lines with the vast mind. Final Shot uses a continuos snapshot of the human body to show potray the power and bravery of people through every critical juncture. At the same time, the brave forward moment is used to express the memory of life in the form of continuous action, so that time is suspended, the action and memory are used to connect time, and the body and space are used to break through the fleeting power of the human body and mind. Showing every soul in the feeling part, there are always countless challenges on the road of life. The challenge is to represent the state beyond the current people's ability and wisdom. When the current situation is so full of "challenges", people's inner mind must bear a lot of pressure and unknown fear, fearing whether they can really challenge successfully. Fear of whether you have enough wisdom to face it, fear of everything you are not capable of, and fear is rigid, the only way to break through fear - to move forward, this is the power shown by "Final Shot", the brave soul of people , because true courage is not not being afraid, but moving forward despite being afraid.