Xun Wang



Bronze, Iron Base.

L40 x D26 x H60 cm (含底座).

"Fulfillment" 2021 The mother body is the origin of life and the energy that gives life. Since ancient times, various cultures in the world have passed down the legends and stories of the Mother Earth nourishing and creating all things from generation to generation. Consummation is to express the consciousness of creating the original natural force of life through the female body, which can be described as a contemporary version of Mediterranean sculpture. The concept of minimalism is added, and all the details are removed by the change of the shape, and the necessary conditions of the mother body are preserved, showing the sense of expansion and plumpness from the complex to the simple and at the same time integrating the female body. Only the necessary shapes are retained, emphasizing that women are born with it. nurture the nature of the earth. It also conveys the symbol of perfection brought by motherhood. Completion of this work, I hope to use the female body to more specifically illustrate the birth and nourishment of life by motherhood in every body of the earth. And let the viewers, while watching, have a sense of identity of spiritual belonging, fully feel the inner nourishment of motherhood, and thus feel the sacred love of life and all things, and at the same time lead the expression of the motherly love of the earth in everyone's heart, and complete each other.。