Xun Wang


Good Fortune

Bronze, Iron Base

L40 x D26 x H60 cm (with base).*

2022 "Good Fortune" is an extension of the concept of perfection, mainly expounding that the mother is the origin and love that nurtures life energy of. The work of good fortune, through the symbol of the woman's arms holding her body tightly, it illustrates the greatness of motherhood for life. Nurture, nourish and protect. Let the vision have a sense of belonging to the soul while watching, and fully feel the sense of belonging. The inner nourishment of motherhood makes the heart feel satisfied at the same time, and thus feels the connection between self-life and all things. Love, and at the same time lead the expression of the mother's love of the earth in everyone's heart,so that oneself and the world will be filled with blessings. Stable and satisfied.