Xun Wang



Bronze, Iron Base

L62 x D60 x H68 cm (with base)

"Indomitable" reflects two levels of comprehension, one is the visual level, using the difference of different perspective lens positions to create a rich visual sensory effect that people can understand, so that even the human body deformed by the difference in focal length , which can clearly show the basic structure of the human body. This work uses twisting, squeezing and other techniques in sculpture art to deform its shape. The result of the work is that it achieves simple and smooth lines, allowing collectors to feel the three-dimensional sense of reading in appreciation, and it is more on the theme of human body description. The other level is to show the ultimate strength and rich elasticity of people's minds. Just like the name of the sky, the upper and lower limbs are stretched to the extreme of the sky and the earth, and the body is used to describe the balance of the space. At the same time, the fulcrum of the hand supports the whole body. The center of gravity of the torso is also a manifestation of the fusion of physical and mental softness and perseverance, the tenacity of people looking down on the heaven and the earth, and the heroic spirit of standing up against the weather.