Xun Wang




L30 x D28 x H53 cm (with base)

"Seeking" is a discussion of the process of spiritual growth, and it is also a mature representative work of Space in Time sculpture created by Xun Wang. In the works, the inner story of the soul is described through the body language of sequential movements in the space, and it can even appear in the dream. The pictures are displayed one by one. Every moment in the morning, there are only memories that are true and illusory in my mind, for a moment. "Seeking" is created by the precious and only remaining memory of this moment. In the sculpture of seeking for the entity, you can see the color ripples of the sea water in the dream, layer upon layer, as if you were deep in the boundless deep sea of mind Look deeply and deeply for a result. "Seeking" makes this dream-like memory slowly take shape, just like in the vast ocean, you can always see the ripples of the sea water, and let the memory of the sea surface emerge layer by layer. "Seeking" to explore the empty time in the dream, so that the memory that exists out of nothing can find the fleeting beauty.