Xun Wang



Bronze, Iron Base

L40 x D26 x H60 cm (with base)

Surpass 2020 is a continuation of the visual experience of parallax sculpture, which uses the difference perspective mirror positions to present the beauty. It is also introduced in two levels: the first layer is the basic structure of the human body that spans, which interprets the human body's sense of speed in passing motion, and brings out rich sensory effects that can be understood, so that the body can achieve visual focal length. Differently deformed human body makes his works show various angles and can also get different feelings. This work uses twisting, squeezing and other methods in sculpture art to deform its human body. In the presentation of the work, it achieves simple and smooth lines, and the theme of human body description is more focused, so that collectors can feel the three-dimensional sense of reading level in appreciation. The other level is to show the ultimate in human movement and human nature. When the elastic tension of the muscles and bones reaches the highest peak, when the lower limbs are expanded and stretched, they use the body to seek the center of gravity to achieve balance. Support holds the center of gravity of the entire torso, and it is also the presentation of the fusion of body and mind speed, softness and gravity, and people, just like the name of "Surpass", always show that they cross the boundaries and move forward bravely. spirit of life.