Xun Wang


Turning Around

Bronze, Iron Base

L40 x D28 x H49 cm (with base)

"Turning Around" 2020 is another level of presentation of Space in Time sculpture. It tells the sequence of movements of the human body in motion, and the process includes a period of time and space. Those who believe in time do not believe in eternity, and time and space are two coordinates. In the passage of time every minute and second, no moment can be grasped, and the prerequisite for evanescence and the unity of the two is that Connecting time and space with our memory. Xun Wang, on the other hand, uses animation and sculpture to present the entity and shape of this memory, and through the hand of sculpture, allows time to present an eternal existence in the shape space. The flipping is even more present. In the process of growing up, a person is more or less affected by the environment and leads to the experience of failure, but every failure can have a flipping moment, ups and downs, it is a special and precious process of life, it is worth showing this moment. Therefore, the starting point of the work "Turning Around" is to show the moments before and after the reversal of life, and to remind everyone not to give up on themselves rashly. Out lowest moment is when we are ready to turn around our lives.